Hugo Zapata


One of Colombia’s most recognized sculptors. Zapata completed his studies in Applied Arts in 1966 at the University of Antioquia, and since graduating has been intimately involved with the Arts Program of the university. In 1972 he concluded a degree in architecture and today he is Professor Emeritus at the Faculty of Applied Arts of his alma mater. The stones that make part of the landscape that Hugo Zapata inhabits play a central role in his work. In his workshop one almost feels that they are waiting patiently for the artist’s touch to disclose the symbols and stories that lie within them. These stones, which have been modified by their interaction with the elements, are chosen by the artist for their expressive qualities. They have been transformed through time by water, air, and fire, and in transforming them the artist himself assumes the qualities of nature.



Hugo ZapataLovers, 2010

217 x 45 x 12 cm / Carved Lutite rock

Hugo ZapataPeople´s Garden, 2011

185 x 24 x 19 cm max / Installation Carved Lutite rock and iron oxides

Hugo ZapataPeople´s Garden, 2011


Hugo ZapataEco, 2010

80 x 125 x 15 cm / Carved Lutite rock

Hugo ZapataVacio, 2010

Diameter 53 cm / Carved Lutite rock